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I was on here to see if this company actually had any complaints against them before I hired them, since they are offering a quote of $200 while all other some-what reputable companies in the area were charging $600-$1,000 for a 4 hour wedding. After seeing no complaints, I decided to hire them.

The DJ showed up an hour before to setup, and once the music started it was non stop fun! He somehow had us dancing to some techno song I've never heard before (because of a guest's request) and once he started the pop and techno almost everyone was on the dance floor. He even added the chicken-dance to the mixup. At the end of the night we decided that the amount he charged was not enough and gave him more.

we have since done 3 more parties with DJ Cornbread and each time was better than the last, also they give a 10% discount on repeat customers. Cornbread did our last one for free to promote the introduction of karaoke to their services (but we still tipped him generously anyways).

On the phone dealing with them they are incredibly personable, not like the other business only types of professional dj's, who rush you to a contract.. and never show to the rehersal... (but ive already posted that one, and this company took that event), static djs actually came through for us with less than 2 hours to spare and let us sign the first contract on arrival and said we could pay afterwards if we needed.

Overall this company may not offer a lot of, well... any lighting... but the music and customer interaction, and friendliness are worth far more than the flashy dj's ive seen before...

Review about: Disk Jockey.



I've listened to him dj a few times... Never had a complaint yet...


This Company is full of ***...the music sucks...

the service sucks...

if you want a real dj call me @ 727 254 8426 my offers and rates are on craigslist in tampa florida


Ive just had a party with him tonight... it was awesome, im impressed, i wish i could mix and sing like that. ive been to karaoke alot before and ive only seen one other dj that is better (matt at the pickled parrot)

we got the added photographer... she was even more friendly than corn was... and they do the disc at the end of the night with no edits and no watermarks... dunno if that's normal for a photographer, but it was a nice touch.

i will probably request cornbread for another party since he offered a 10% discount for repeat business and to anyone i referr... just say anjelo sent ya from the feb 21st party.

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